Pet Policy

The Haines Hitch-Up RV park is a pet friendly park. We ask that all pet owners follow these simple rules so that everyone will enjoy their stay here in beautiful Haines.

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended or tied to the picnic table or pedestal.
  • There is a dog walk for your convenience located outside of the park along Haines Highway.  It is accessed by a walkway between site 32 and the trash/recycling area.
  • There is a dog waste bag dispenser located on the fence to the dog walk.
  • We ask that you please pick up after your pet anywhere in the park, not just the dog walk.
  • Pets are not permitted in the office, laundry or bathrooms unless they are a service animal.
  • Aggressive or dogs that constantly bark or whine may be asked to leave the park.
  • Haines Hitch-Up RV Park is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by a pet.  The owner of the pet is solely responsible.  All incidents must be settled between the owner of the pet and the affected party.

If you are found to not be in compliance with this policy you will be notified and asked to comply.  If after being notified you still do not comply you may be asked to leave the park and will not be refunded for any additional nights stay or deposits.